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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Celebrating EDS Awareness Month

My body seems to be celebrating EDS Awareness month; much to my dismay.  I've had a four day flare that ended yesterday, brought on by ten minutes of using my recumbent stationary bike.  I end up in elevated pain, or even a flare, for three or so days after using the bike.  It makes it hard to get used to, and hard to want to do, when it ends with me in so much pain.  When it's not in use I put foam over all the handles, hardcover books on the seat, and a basket over the seat.  It looks horrible, but I do it in an effort to keep the cats from destroying it.  Katya has already put little claw holes in my seat, even with all the precautions I'm taking.  It takes less than a minute to take off the foam, books, and basket.  It still is embarrassing when someone comes over and they see what I've done to keep it safe from the kitties.  Well, I hope everyone is having a nice May, and your bodies aren't celebrating, either.

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