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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Foot pain again and again

Between hypermobile feet, piezogenic papules, blood pooling in my feet from POTS, and toes that are subluxing constantly (and sometimes dislocating), my feet have been in extreme pain.  My feet always hurt and it hurts to touch the bottom of them.  However, this pain is incredible, and it hurts to lie down, sit, and especially stand.  I wear socks to soften touch against my feet.  It is hard to never have the bottom of my feet touched at all, especially when I have the weird habit of playing with my toes when I'm nervous.  I know that's a weird habit.

It's another rainy day, too, and it's playing mean with all my joints.  Ow.  I hurt so bad last night I was on Pinterest for awhile, then I couldn't even do that, and had to watch TV online the rest of the night.  I'm really into the Investigation Discovery shows on Netflix, but I can't watch too many of them in a row without getting a bit depressed.  My favorite show is probably Life After People, but I've seen them all.  They are so interesting, though, that I can rewatch them again in a few months.

I need to clean off the desk, it's really messed up.  However, on these yucky, rainy days it really hurts to clean, even if I sat down.  I still want that dang desk cleaned, though!



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  2. Hi! I've been reading random posts in your blog for quite some time, and feel like I know you in some strange sort of way. lol

    The initial reason I was drawn to your blog is that I share EDS, Fibro and CMP (related to my Fibro). I also have nine other auto immune illnesses, Interstitial Cystitis (ulceratic form), spinal/tracheal/esophageal stenosis, allergic asthma, Sjorgensen's, Raynaud's, Genetic Hyperlipidemia, and something that attacks my lady bits - so I can really understand what you must be going through, and what you live with.

    I suffer from similar foot issues; the painful tenderness to the bottom of my feet, and the intolerable joint pain that comes with changes in barometric pressure.
    I'm sure you've tried everything, and I hate to give unsolicited advice, yet here it is....
    There's a product I found for my joints and feetsies that really gave me some measure of relief. It's called Arnicare. Here's a link to their site:
    It's smells nice, doesn't irritate my super sensitive skin, and isn't sticky. Plus it works which is awesome. The other perk is that its fairly inexpensive and available at most stores.

    I really hope you can find some peace between all the pain. I'll continue to follow your blog, and send all the good vibes your way that I can muster. Sending some now...>_<
    They should be there in five to ten minutes. lol

    Take care of yourself.

    <3 Lissy

  3. Acupressure can relieve foot pain

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