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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My physical therapist is awesome!

My physical therapist actually has been doing researching on EDS.  Wow, huh?  She has given me exercises to do at home, which are really pretty easy.  I am supposed to work up to doing more.  There are a lot of exercises that she said I shouldn't do and she marked off the xeroxed homework sheets because of my EDS.  She also said she is extra careful when touching me or having me move, twist, etc., so I don't dislocate anything.  She has taken my pain levels down one to two points depending on the time of day.  She has worked out most of my trigger points, which is amazing.  She is always friendly and happy and I really appreciate all that she does.  I also started on the recumbent stepper last week.  I did two minutes.  She said I shouldn't be on an exercise bike unless it is a recumbent bike.  I like those a lot, too.  I've used them at the gym in Rolla.

They are also making me a wrist brace and they have already ordered a sizing set of Oval 8's.  I'm excited to get them!  I get to go to see Dr. Willing soon, so I am excited about that.  After the PT worked my neck a lot I don't have the neck pain nearly as bad as I used to, though it still feels like my head is too much for my neck to hold up.  The pain is lessened, but everything else is the same.

I have my PT tomorrow.  Lately the kitties have been snuggling together and it's so cute.  They love each other so much.  I get so excited when the four of us are piled into the bed.  Then we have Daddy, Mommy, and the two baby kitties.  :-)  Well I do believe I will end this blog post.  Take care ya'll.


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