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Monday, November 15, 2010


It's amazing how you never realize the lack of handicap accessible places until you are in the position to need them.  My ankles have been wonky lately and I rode the scooter at Wood's grocery store last night.  When we went to go through the checkout lane I couldn't get through in the scooter.  DH took everything out of the basket on the scooter, put it on the counter, and I had to back up and go around the register.  If I was by myself at Woods how would I check out?  There was only the one lane open.  I am surprised at the number of places that have no handicap accessibility.  I find this immensely frustrating!

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  1. I totally agree!! I'm in the UK and it's just as bad here. I was in a big clothes store the other day, had picked out a load of lovely winter clothes that hopefully were wheelchair suitable. BUT then when I went to try them on I discovered it was impossible to get my tiny wheelchair in the changing room AND shut the door! I even had a fellow customer whose daughter was in a w/chair help me out and we still could not do it!

    Unbelievable isn't it! When I complained to the manager her suggestion was to buy the clothes, try them on at home, then bring back any that weren't suitable. I have Fibro, EDS, RSD, recurrent Viral Meningitis, and am recovering from a stroke. No way in the world would it be possible for me to physically do that.

    So I made a bit of an angry but polite scene, dumped everything I'd picked up at the counter, and wheeled out moaning loudly to my companion (who was rather embarrassed lol)!


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