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Friday, April 15, 2011

A bowling ball in the gut

I hate, hate, hate that sick feeling you get when a joint dislocates.  So far I only dislocate fingers and toes, but I know that eventually I'll dislocate large joints.  I put my toes back in myself, though I've never dislocated my big toe or pinky toe.  I'm never dislocated my thumbs or pinky fingers either.  I'm getting where I can stand the toe dislocations without freaking out.  I can put them back in by myself, and I don't even retch anymore.  But my fingers are a different story.  When a finger dislocates at the knuckle I feel like someone threw a bowling ball into my stomach.  I get on the verge of hysteria sometimes.  I feel embarrassed at this because my more "experienced" EDSer friends just sit down and pop back in a hip, while I freak out over my knuckles.  Do all EDSers start that way?  Or am I just especially wimpy? wimps allowed!

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