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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Neck pain finds it's way into my dreams

I had a dream last night that the doctor in the ER gave me a soft neck brace and it held my head up enough that my neck didn't hurt at all, feel tight, feel unsteady where my skull meats it, and well, it basically felt like I had a new neck.  It was really cool.  I didn't realize that it didn't happen at first.  Usually when I dream of pain I am in excruciating pain in my sleep.  Here is where I hurt in my neck:

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  1. As we've discussed before, I have similar neck problems, and have found that bracing for even 15 minutes a day allows the muscles to rest a bit and does wonders for the pain. Don't brace too much, because that will just make the muscles weaker, but giving them a rest now and then can make a difference. I found this great neck brace on Amazon that is not only a nice, soft neck brace, but is also a thermal wrap that can be cooled or heated! I don't have the money to try it yet, but it is on my wish list! Here is a link if you are interested:


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